Finding the right speaker for an event can be challenging. In my professional roles as a journalist, marketer, public relations practitioner, consultant and social media strategist, I have keynoted at conferences, women's events, training sessions, schools and churches. Let's face it, your event will only be as enjoyable as the speaker you book.  I've got something to say to engage your audience. Here you will find what I have to offer and what you can expect when you book me as your speaker.

    • A presentation that's dynamically and professionally prepared, delivered and focused on your audience.
    • Resources that your audience can use, long after the presentation. It will include any available slides and/or links to books and articles used to research the topic.
    • Prompt, professional responses to your phone calls and emails.
    • A phone consultation to better understand more about your event and how your audience can best be served.
    • Information about your event will be shared on Vele Keyta's website and all of her social media pages. If your event is not open to the public, only general information about it will be shared.
    •  Outake conversation with Vele Keyta to ensure she met your expectations.
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